Customize Control Center in iOS device

Over the time, Apple Corporation noticeably enhanced its products, especially its iOS devices. They are loaded with amazing and incomparable features. Now, Apple is inviting its customers to customize the Control Center on their iOS devices. The Control Center is a drop-down menu sheet containing the shortcut buttons to the applications like the timer, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, camera, etc. Now, with the advancement of the device, some new controls are built which were not available previously. The 3-D touch gesture and new animation make the phone more attractive, but to have the feature on your phone, you must have a modern iOS version in your device.
Apple launched the Control Center for iPad and iPhone as well; the format will be same on both devices. Apple has chosen shortcut of applications in Control Center by default, but you can add and remove the shortcuts you want to. In iOS 11 or above, you can use the feature of customizing Control Center. If you are new and would want to customize the control center, then follow the steps and make your iPhone handier.
Here, how to Customize Control Center in iOS device

  1. Open Settings app from home screen.
  2. Tap to open Control Center.
  3. Select Customize Controls.
  4. Now, you can add and remove the shortcuts.
  5. Tap (+) icon to add and (-) icon to remove.
  6. You can even change the sequence according to the use of applications.
  7. Now close the Settings menu and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  8. The Control Center will open.
  9. Now try the Control Center where you added applications.
    Don’t panic if you find that some application cannot be removed, even though you have tried hard to remove. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your iPhone as the applications are permanently fixed in the Control Center. Apple, every time launches its product with amazing features and this time Control Center offered to the customers in new iOS. It is sure that Apple is looking beyond imagination with its innovative ideas, that the next generation will be more advanced.

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