How Microsoft Office Can Help Students?

Microsoft Office 365 Education, formerly Office 365 for Education and Microsoft Live edu, is a free suite software of hosted Microsoft services and applications that is useful for educational needs. This program offers education institutions with a set of hosted complete services, communication tools, and mobile, desktop, and web-based applications, as well as data storage capabilities.

Microsoft Office Best Features for Students

Here are some specific specification of Microsoft office which are helpful for the students to complete the studies task.

Microsoft Office Team: 

Microsoft Office is a digital hub that provides all communications, content, and apps all-together in one place. It’s create the common classrooms,  create the professional learning communities, and connect with all staff. All these skill in a single program, Office 365 Education. 

Organizer in one place: 

It  saves your all class materials and prepare assignments or projects with manually prepared, page content, even recorded voice audio and video in your devices. It’s perfect suite to easily collaborate all documents or information with students and teacher. Your digital notebook suite, Capture and secure your all important class study notes, folders, files or other study material in OneNote.

Offered Some New facilities: 

Students can make some new interactive lessons and create student creativity using office Sway. It’s a very useful part of office suite. It’s provide a impressive performance with the enchaed features with better integration in onedrive or skype. Even students can connect with the teachers or students anytime for a open discussion.

Individual learning class:

The office bring the students together in a associate place or giving them individual help in their personal notebooks within Class Notebook. Change the way of your work to the teachers and students and communicate as a individual class performance.

Helpful without any stops: 

It’s always corporate without any boundaries or help for any office part as-word, excel, powerpoint, outlook. It is really very helpful anytime, anyplace for collecting your all information in a one place. Collect the all small or large teams to work with you at the same time or a same topic on the Word, Excel, or Powerpoint or Office Online. It’s easily connect, respond to, and catch all updates in a single version of your document.

Student become independent learner: 

Regardless of age or capability, students can improve their studies for reading or learning skills by reducing visual crowding, highlighting and voicing text, and breaking words into syllables.

Improve reading skills: 

Get frequency to good communication skill in English language or learner of other languages

corporate to increase the confidence level for emerging readers learning to read at higher skills.

provides the text decoding solutions facility and support for their students who are the suffering from dyslexia.

If you want to get with the all above features of MS office than you can buy it. There is two option to purchase it.

1- Online


Specially , for the students it’s proved very helpful, so now you can make easy your study by using Microsoft office program on your computer. To know more about the office features , you can visit on office official website You will get there all the updates about the office program.

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