August 6, 2018 | Office My Account |

Microsoft Office application suite has been designed to easily share information between the programs that also presents a platform for servers and web services in order to enable collaboration between remote users. The spreadsheet files users make in MS Excel are capable of being linked or embedded within Microsoft Word documents and users can send them to others using Outlook. Visit After you purchase Microsoft office, you need to go through the download, install and activation process. We provide necessary instructions and online support to help you set up your Office products.

There are several versions of Microsoft Office. Office 365 is a cloud-based service for businesses of different sizes that can help you with exchanging emails, creating SharePoint websites to share documents or other data, compiling unified communication, etc. Office 2016 is a desktop based Office suite. Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007 have all been successful across the world. Installing and configuring Office applications and the associated licenses are involved in Office setup for the users’ workstations. Instead of downloading and installing SharePoint Server 2013, the organizations will sign to SharePoint Online to offer employees many good capabilities of collaboration and information management that can work with recognizable Office setup applications.

Enter the product key

  1. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account, or you can create a new account if you don’t have one.
  2. Enter your 25 characters alpha-numeric product key for Microsoft Office.
  3. Go to My account homepage
  4. Now you will need to select the product you want to get.
  5. And tap Install Office.

What do you see on Microsoft My Account page?

When you install Office setup for the first time, your Account Page might not yet have been created. You may set that up as a part of installing your Office. Thus, you can create a new account too.

What if you already have a Microsoft Account?

  • You may sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • You will need to enter your product key.
  • If you have forgotten the login ID of your Microsoft account and password, get support.

What if you haven’t yet purchased Office?

On the My Account page, you will get a link to purchase the Office product you want. Visit

After you Sign in and confirm your product key, what’s next?

  • You will have some easy option in your disposal, through which you can install Office Setup on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Also, you will be able to share Office 365.
  • Manage Payment and Manage Subscription.
  • Office setup cancellation and Office setup renewal will also be available on My Account page.

What if you are stuck, and can’t sign in to your Microsoft my account?

If you are getting stuck signing into your Microsoft account, there could be several reasons for that, such as you can’t remember your password, using a new and different device, have turned the two-step verification on, or you are traveling. Here we have some suggestions that can help you get back into your account as fast as possible:

  • Sometimes, you remember your password, but it still doesn’t work, that time you need to ensure that Caps lock is turned off, and the password and email you have entered are spelled correctly.
  • You can also clear your browser history, then try signing into your account from a different internet browser.
  • Ensure that the internet you are using has a strong and secure network connection, this problem most probably occurs when you’re traveling. We recommend you to try connecting a hard-wired Ethernet port, if it’s available around.
  • If you just changed your password, you should try entering your old password again. If luckily your old password works, you will need to lock your device and unlock it using the new password.

If you’ve chosen to use the extra security step of turning on two-step verification, there you may find some apps and devices keep telling you that your password is incorrect; it’s generally because you haven’t updated them to prompt you for a security code. Instead of using your regular password, you may try using an app password to get in.