How to Update Games on PS4

Sony’s PlayStation gives the users an amazing video gaming experience. Sometime you may face some problem in playing a game because of bugs and glitches in the game. Then update the game and it will help in fixing this problem. Updating game on PS4 is easy and you can set up your PlayStation to automatically download updates and also update it manually.

Two processes are described below for how to set up your PS4 for automatic update and how to update the game manually.

How to set up PS4 for Automatic Updates

  1.    Press the ‘Central logo’ button on your controller to turn on Ps4.
  2.    Press the ‘Central logo’ button again if needed.
  3.    Now, select your user profile in the screen “Who is using this controller?”
  4.    And press the ‘X’ button of your controller.
  5.    Press the ‘Up’ button and scroll over to the ‘Settings.’ It is an orange and white color button with a small logo of Toolbox.
  6.    Use the left thumbstick to go to settings menu. You can also use D-pad.
  7.    Press ‘X’ button on the controller to access it.
  8.    Press the ‘Down’ button and scroll down to ‘System’ in the settings menu. The System option is near to the Accessibility.
  9.    Press the ‘X’ button to access it.
  10.    Scroll down to ‘Automatic Downloads and Uploads’ and press ‘X’ button on it for access. It is the second option in the System menu.
  11.    Scroll down to ‘Application Update Files’ and Press ‘X’ button (Checkmark) to activate automatic downloads updates of games and apps.
  12.    Now, press the ‘O’ button twice on the controller to go back to the Settings screen.
  13.    Scroll down to the ‘Power Save Settings’ and Press ‘X’ button on the controller to access it.
  14.    Scroll to ‘Stay connected to the internet’ and enable (check mark) it to allow the games update even in rest mode. Remote user should also need to enable (check mark) ‘Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network.) You can also set some other functions according to you.
  15.    Hold down the ‘Central logo’ button on the controller to go to the rest mode option.
  16.    Use left thumbstick and scroll down to the ‘Power Options.’ You can also use D-pad.
  17.    And select ‘Put PS4 in Standby mode’ to put PS4 into rest mode before turning off the power.

How to Update Games Manually

  1.    Turn on your PS4.
  2.    Select your user account.
  3.    Now, scroll through the applications into the main menu by using the D-Pad or left thumbstick to navigate to the game that you want to update.
  4.    Select the game and press the ‘Option’ button on the controller.
  5.    Scroll down and select ‘check for Update’ into the popup menu options.
  6.    Press ‘X’ button on “An update file for this application is available” screen if there is an update available. When there is no update is available, you’ll not get this notification.
  7.    Select the game from the list of updates available for your game and app.
  8.    And press ‘X’ button to begin downloading the update. The update will take time according to the size of the update file.

After update is installed successfully, you can play the updated version of the game.

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